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The Dental Consultant

The profession of Dentistry is rapidly changing. This is not only due to the current crisis with COVID-19, but more importantly, with the changes in technology, personal communication, human resources, and the need to understand the people we are dedicated to treating.

Why Would Any Company Need A Dental Consultant?

After practicing dentistry for just a few years, I realized that one of the problems that existed in our industry was the distance between dental companies and the professionals they serve. 

When you're a practicing dentist, you rely upon manufacturers, distributors, independents and a wide range of other people to help you on a day to day basis. We need these people to make sure that the service we are providing is the latest, most up to date and finest available. Dentists cannot do the research themselves and rely upon these companies to provide them with the best they can offer. 

On the other hand, dental companies need to be able to relate to dentists as well. So, here is where the two entities must meet.

How do companies work within the profession unless they have a dentist on staff as an integral part of their team? Someone who understands both sides of the equation. Someone who has wet fingers from working daily doing the actual work of a dentist and at the same time has an understanding of the needs of the companies that provide us with so many of the services and technologies we need.

So, as a dental consultant, I do not work in dental offices as some consultants do in order to help dentists build their practices. I spend my time working with dental manufacturers and distributors helping them better understand the market they serve. Who knows better what a dentist needs than another dentist? Who knows how to integrate the two entities better than someone who has worked in both areas of the profession.

If this makes sense, give me a call. Let's look at ways to make dentistry better today than the day before and not quite as good as the day hereafter.

  • Member American Dental Association 

  • Member Second District Dental Society 

  • Member American College of Prosthodontists 

  • Member American Prosthodontic Society 

  • Member American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 

  • Member American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics 

  • Fellow American College of Dentists 

  • Fellow American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery 

  • Active Member Academy of Osseointegration 

  • Associate Fellow Federation of Prosthodontic Organizations 

  • Charter Member American Academy of Laser Dentistry 

  • Program Chairman American Society for Laser in Dentistry - 1992-3 

  • President American Society for Laser in Dentistry - 1994-5 

  • Editorial Review Board Journal of the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery 

  • Consultant Luxar Inc. – Bothell, Washington - 1992 - 1995 

  • Consultant Camsight Inc. – Montebello, California - Digital Radiography and Intraoral Imaging 2000-2001 

  • Consultant KC International (SoftCom) - Cameron Park, CA 95682 

  • Consultant EOS electrical-optical sciences, Inc. 

  • Consultant Carl Parker Associates/Mydent/Defend – Present 

  • Vice President PlanetDDS® – Dental Practice Management software company – Irvine, California 

  • Vice President Dexis Digital Radiography – Started Dexis in my office, assisted in marketing, training, tradeshows, software development from U.S. introduction until about 2000. 

  • Consultant OrthoSnap Wireless Braces – New York - Current 

  • Consultant Dental Assets – Online Dental Auction and Supply Company 

  • Chief Technology Officer Odin Technologies LLC. 

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