I Love My Hygienist!

Yes, we hear this all of the time. But why would anyone, let alone a dental patient, love their hygienist. As we see it there are a number of really important reasons.

  1. Dedication - Your dental hygiene appointment is so much more than just a "prophy" or "cleaning". It is so important that your hygienist is dedicated to more than just your teeth and gums. He/She must be devoted to watching out for your over al dental health and how it reflects or even sometimes, predict your overall health in general.

  2. Expertise - All professions change. A trained hygienist has to stay up on all new and valuable techniques on an ongoing basis. This is important when it comes to your dental health.

  3. Thoroughness - Your dental hygiene visit is so much more than just a "cleaning"! A really good visit should include all necessary digital x-rays to maximize diagnosis and minimize radiation, a blood pressure check, a check for oral cancer, an evaluation for potential sleep apnea, and a thorough periodontal examination. All of this plus a really good periodontal treatment and even a visualization of potential issues using an intraoral camera.

  4. Training - Technology changes. A trained hygienist knows how to use the latest technology such as our Intraoral Scanning System to maximize the value you realize when spending time at our office.

  5. Compassion - All of the above MUST BE DONE while understanding the patient's wants and needs, concerns and even potential fears.

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Cleaning Are All The Same....

Nope. They are not.

First dental visit.jpg

Not all dental visits, including hygiene, are the same. 

Of course, different hygienists have different levels of skill. But, for the most part, if you give a dental hygienist the tools they need and the time to truly provide a high level of care, they will take that task and do it exceptionally well.

But, do all dental offices provide the dental hygienist the time, or even the tools, to do their best. I would suggest that there can be huge differences comparing one dental office to the next.

But how do you, the patient, evaluate the care you receive when getting a dental hygiene visit.

Well, first of all how much time is actually spent on your care. If the appointment is just a half-hour, including seating, treatment, and leaving, is that enough time to provide the kind of care you deserve?

What is actually accomplished during that visit? Did the hygienist do a thorough exam including an oral cancer screening? Were the necessary digital x-rays taken? Did you see via video the treatment you need rather than just taking the word of the hygienist or dentist? Did your hygienist do a thorough periodontal charting in order to determine if you have periodontal disease and provide a way to compare one year to the next....and the list goes on?

Did you receive all of this in a safe, sterile, and compassionate manner? Were you taken on time and invited to participate in your own dental treatment planning? Did the dentist come in and do his/her own clinical exam, cancer screening and review any necessary or elective treatment.

Let Us Help You Make The Comparison

When you visit our office here is what you can expect from your initial hygiene visit. 
  1. On-time scheduling respecting your time.
  2. An explanation of what you can expect from today's visit.
  3. All necessary x-rays minimizing radiation and maximizing diagnosis using the latest digital radiographic technology.
  4. Periodontal Charting for the diagnosis of potential periodontal (gum) disease.
  5. Oral Cancer Screening.
  6. Sleep Apnea Screening
  7. Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation Screening.
  8. A thorough clinical examination using intraoral cameras in order to allow you to participate in your treatment.
  9. An intraoral scan of your current dental condition so as to be able to create a dedicated oral history.
  10. A thorough exam by Dr. Ganz with an explanation of any necessary treatment and an opportunity to ask any questions and obtain the appropriate answers.
  11. A total explanation of any fees and an opportunity to consider treatment alternatives.
  12. All of this is done in an office, with a staff dedicated to your address all of your concerns while providing you with a comfortable and safe environment.
And most important giving you the time necessary to accomplish all of the above. Just can't be done in 1/2 hour.....expect the best.


Interested in seeing the difference between the hygiene visit you've experienced in the past.....and a totally New Dental Experience.

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