Digital Impressions

I've yet to meet anyone that truly loves having a dental impression taken when they are having a new dental restoration. They're gooey, take a long time to set and are just not a great way to spend the day.
Well, thanks to technology we now have a way to take an impression using a digital scanner, much like using a camera.
So instead of all of that gooey impression material, now we can get an accurate impression in just a few seconds with a magic wand!

As you can see in this demonstration video, there is no mess, no gooey impression material, and an incredible image on a computer. The moving object is the Medit i700 scanner. Once captured, the image is sent directly to the laboratory bypassing delivery times. This means a faster turnover and a more rapid delivery right to our door. Less time, greater accuracy, more beautiful restorations. And did I mention, no impressions!

Medit Scan 1b.jpg

It's Your Choice

Medit Scan 1a.jpg
Traditional IMpression.png
Digital Impression
Two Teeth Scanned for Crowns. No impression.
Traditional Impression
Leveling Lower Incisors.jpg
Digital Study Casts
Digital technology has changed the face of dentistry. We are now able to do more, in less time with greater accuracy and less annoyance to our patients. 

This is just one example of what can now be done using this amazing new technology.
This entire case was done digitally , using printed models and a 3Dimensional Scanner including natural teeth as well as dental implants. No gooey impressions. Done in just a few visits.

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