Digital Impressions

I've yet to meet anyone that truly loves having a dental impression taken when they are having a new dental restoration. They're gooey, take a long time to set and are just not a great way to spend the day.
Well, thanks to technology we now have a way to take an impression using a digital scanner, much like using a camera.
So instead of all of that gooey impression material, now we can get an accurate impression in just a few seconds with a magic wand!

As you can see in this demonstration video, there is no mess, no gooey impression material, and an incredible image on a computer. The moving object is the Medit i500 scanner. Once captured, the image is sent directly to the laboratory bypassing delivery times. This means a faster turnover and a more rapid delivery right to our door. Less time, greater accuracy, more beautiful restorations. And did I mention, no impressions!

Medit Scan 1b.jpg

It's Your Choice

Traditional IMpression.png
Digital Impression
Two Teeth Scanned for Crowns. No impression.
Traditional Impression
Leveling Lower Incisors.jpg
Digital Study Casts