Management of Chronic Head, Neck and TMJ Pain, Migraines and Tinnitus.

For years people have had to learn to suffer with all sorts of chronic pain. The treatment of many types of head, neck and TMJ has changed little over the last several decades. TMJ treatment going back to the 1980s consisted of long term pain medication, muscle relaxants and/or night time splints. Some patients were helped but many found little or no relief and eventually just gave up in frustration.

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Fast forward almost thirty years and there is a new potential solution for this group of people. It is called Trudenta but the name itself is relatively unimportant. This new treatment modality is designed around the concept that there needs to be harmony between the nerves, muscles and teeth and that if this is not the case, long term relief is extremely difficult.

Prior to this concept, dentists did not have the tools they needed to evaluate patients with head, neck and/or TMJ pain. Much of the diagnostics were related purely to symptoms. Today, that has all changed. With the introduction of such computerized tools as TekScan and ROM dentists now can at least have raw data in order to begin a diagnosis.

Additionally, by observing the medical profession, sports rehabilitation medicine in particular, dentists can now use FDA and AMA approved treatment tools such as ultrasound, microcurrent and cold lasers to assist in the healing of the muscles causing many of the problems faced by these patients.

The best part of treatment is that it is totally non-invasive and pain free. Treatment is provided by our trained therapist in a spa like environment.

People no longer have to suffer this kind of pain. They no longer has to miss days at work or family functions. They no longer have to live on long term medication which has its own side effects.

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