Definitive Link Between Migraines and Dentistry

A recent study has shown a definite link between migraines and dentistry.

Dentists have known this subjectively for many years. We have seen patients helped by coordinating and treating both the muscles of the head and neck and well as the dentition.

By first making sure that all of the muscles of the head and neck and healthy and then making sure that the patient's bite reinforces that behavior has lead to a significant decrease in the pain associated with chronic headaches including migraines.

Today we have tools, such as TekScan, that provide us with real time, computerized data increasing our ability to diagnose in ways dentists have never seen before. This has lead to to an increased ability for dentists to help people with long term pain.

The tools used today are all non-invasive, pain free and approved by the FDA, the AMA and the ADA.

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