We're Reopening June 16th!

Dental Spa Reopening June 16

As of June 16th we will be reopening to treat our family of patients with just a few changes.

Well, not really just a few. You will notice that we've spent the last three (3) months getting ready for this day.

Before you even arrive at the office, you will get a call from our office to schedule your appointment. At that time we'll ask you to complete an online COVID-19 Patient Screening Form no ore than 2 days before your visits.

When you arrive at the office we'll ask you, for the time being, to stay in your car and just text or email us of your arrival. We are following all OSHA/CDC guidelines trying to maintain social distancing whenever possible.

When you come to the office please make sure you're wearing a mask and if your want gloves as well. If you do not have either, we will be happy to provide them for you.

Once in the office, you will have your temperature and Pulse Ox taken as well. Any fever over 100.4 degrees and you'll be asked to reschedule. You will also be asked to use the sanitizing gel provided once you arrive as well.

There is more, but I'm sure this is enough just for now.

As we move forward things will change. We will be sure to follow all rules and guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety and well being of our staff as well.

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