Good News Long Island on The Covid-19 Front

It's a beautiful day here on Long Island and I thought I would take a ride out east to South Hampton. Just me and my convertible...

My family had other things going on so I figured why not take a ride, enjoy the sunshine and take in the beauty of the Hamptons. While there I figured I'd find some takeout food, sit on a bench and watch the expensive cars go by.

Why is this Good News you may ask? Well, when you first get into South Hampton there is a huge sign saying that South Hampton is a Mask Community. You have to wear a mask, safe distance etc. when you're in their town. That by itself was Good News.

Then, once in town, everyone and I mean everyone, was wearing a mask. Even the dogs going down the street had masks. ( not really, but it sort of felt that way)

The town was amassed with people. I guess everyone felt the same way I did about getting out and getting some fresh air. There were a number of restaurants serving outside so I decided to have lunch. The food was great, the waiters wore masks, the menu was digital and the tables were more than six feet apart. While sitting there I could do some great people watching and found that, once again, everyone was obeying the Must Wear A Mask rule.

This is Good News. The only way we are going to get back our society, as it once was, is if everyone, and I mean everyone, obeys the Must Wear A Mask Rule. South Hampton Long Island kudos to you.

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