No More Messy Impressions

Every once in a while a major change occurs in one's life. Personally it might have been your marriage, the birth of your kids ort something as momentous as those or more.

In our profession, Dentistry, there have been several during my decades of dental practice. Certainly the introduction of dental implants made a dramatic change in how we diagnose and treat patients.

The introduction of digital x-rays made diagnosis more accurate and much easier for patient as well as reducing radiation.

There have been several changes in materials as well that have influenced the practice of dentistry as well.

But...nothing has changed dentistry in the past couple of years like the introduction of digital scanning. Today we can not only eliminate the gooey, uncomfortable impressions from a typical dentist visit but this new technology has changed the treatment flow in a much needed way.

Complex treatment plans can now be accomplished in multiple visits by adding to previous scans. This allows for less patient discomfort as well as reducing stress for the dentist and dental staff.

In this brief post it is difficult to explain how digital scanning has changed the way I practice. What will happen in the future is only a guess but my feeling is that this is only the beginning.

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