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Over the past several months we have been preparing for your dental visit. When you arrive at the office you will find the following:
  1. Please stay in your car and either call or text us to alert us of your arrival. We will let you know when to come for your appointment.
  2. We are trying to have as few people in the office as possible. The front door will be open with informational signs on the front door. 
  3. You will be greeted by our office manager, Laura. She will ask you a couple of questions, make sure you have completed your COVID-19 form. She will take your temperature with a no-touch system and check your oxygen levels with a small handheld pulse oximeter. If you have a fever over 100.4 or a low-level oxygen level, you may be asked to change your appointment. This is for your safety as well as everyone else in the office.
  4. You can then use our hands-free sanitizing station and if necessary, we will provide you with gloves and/or a mask. Gloves are not mandated by the CDC, but masks are.
  5. You will then be escorted into the treatment room and asked to rinse for 60 seconds with a mild hydrogen peroxide rinse.
  6. As you sit in the treatment room, you may notice a few changes. You will see that we have added room air purifiers to each room. We have also removed anything that is unnecessary for your treatment from the room. Magazines and even our Spa Bakery have been taken from the reception room as well. Sorry, but for now you will just have to live without Barb's great bakery goods.
  7. During treatment, if there is any chance of aerosols, the spray from the dental drill, or Cavitron, we will be using a special extraoral (outside of the mouth) high volume suction system much like a powerful vacuum cleaner. This device has four special filters to remove any viral particles aerosolized during the process. It looks kind of weird but it does a great job protecting us all. 
  8. After treatment we will once again offer the oral rinse, give you a mask if you need one, and provide hand sanitizer for your use.
  9. You can then leave the room and go to the front desk to complete your appointment.
All of this, and more. is being done to make sure your dental visit is safer than ever. In the past, we have ALWAYS practiced in a totally safe manner. Now, this has been expanded due to the COVID crisis.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please give us a call.

Schedule Your Virtual Consultation

Sometimes a busy schedule, family obligations and work can interfere with scheduling a necessary dental visit. So.....why not try our Virtual Consultations conveniently from the comfort of your own home?
Follow these simple steps to arrange for your virtual consultation:
  1. Click on the Widget on the rightto start the process
  2. Take the necessary photographs as shown in the video below.
  3. ​Schedule a convenient time for your consultation.
    You will need to be at a computer that has a camera and an internet connection. When we confirm your consultation time, just follow the directions enclosed in the email. 
    Remember, this is totally free.