The Dental Spa at Garden City is pleased to provide our patients with the latest techniques for the fabrication of full, partial and implant dentures.

Dentures are designed to replace one or more missing teeth and can provide increased functionality if done correctly. There are just no shortcuts when it comes creating removable prostheses.

There are basically three types of removable prostheses. Full dentures, partial dentures and overdentures which may or may not be used with dental implants.

When having a removable prosthesis, you will have the opportunity to see the actual cosmetic setup prior to the completion of the prosthesis. There are several important criteria that must be resolved such as cosmetics, phonetics as well as the functionality. A well-fitting removable appliance can provide years of good service but does require maintenance much like your own teeth.

Denture - Photoshopped_edited.png
Full dentures are created for both the upper and lower jaw. Retention relies upon the amount of jaw bone available.
This is a cast partial denture with metal clasps and a metal connection. This is the most common partial denture.
flexiplast partial_edited.png

Another type of partial uses a totally flexible design and does not require metal clasps or connectors. It, however, has special requirements for use.

Implant overdentures are a great solution when there is very little retention for your new denture. The implants provide primary retention, especially in the lower jaw.